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The mayor of Aliso Viejo, California is joining leaders of other cities looking to opt out of state's "sanctuary" law, which allows for less cooperation on the local level with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

Mayor David Harrington (R) expressed his disagreement with the designation on "Cavuto Live," calling it "unconstitutional" and saying it makes residents less safe.

[The sanctuary state law] is about letting criminals out of jail, period," Harrington said.

A proposal by Los Alamitos Rep. Warren Kusumoto to opt his city out of the law was met with overwhelming support. Harrington said the reaction in his city has been "overwhelmingly positive."

"It's been going about 50-1, in favor," he said.

When asked about how Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf's (D) controversial warning given to illegal immigrants about a pending ICE raid, Harrington said Schaaf "basically committed a felony."

"Why she's not facing any repercussions for obstructing justice is just a travesty, in my opinion," he said.

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