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Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv told Martha MacCallum that many of the activists at the March for Our Lives are wrongly accusing Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) of blame for the shooting and ignoring actual government failures.

Kashuv's schoolmate, David Hogg, wore a price tag on his suit that was intended to signify his cash worth consummate to how much Rubio accepted from the National Rifle Association's legislative action arm.

Kashuv added that gun control, a key subject of demonstrators' anger, would not solve the school shooting and criminality issue.

"We have to hold our government accountable," Kashuv said, however clarifying that Rubio should not be blamed for allowing the shooting to happen.

Kashuv said Rubio has been working even prior to the shooting to create commonsense legislation involving arms and school safety.

He said the ire directed at Rubio represented an "ignorance of the situation."

Kashuv said the "main reason" for a continuance in school shootings is the fact "the government isn't doing its job."

"I didn't see a single sign that said 'screw the sheriff'," Kashuv said, referring to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who has been criticized for his handling of the incident.

Kashuv said demonstrators are also getting "softball interviews" where they are not receiving questions about their calls for gun control.

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