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Laura Ingraham said President Trump let his base down with his approval of the omnibus spending bill but is standing firm on his campaign promise to reform American trade deals.

Ingraham said Trump's base was "kicked in the gut" by the fact he signed a bloated spending bill on Friday.

"There are victories on the horizon," Ingraham said, adding that trade is "woefully under-covered by the American media."

Ingraham said Trump has been "wily" in silently and skillfully renegotiating trade policy with heavyweights like China and South Korea.

She said Trump convinced China not to force American companies to cede their intellectual property to enter Chinese markets.

Trump also got South Korea to offer significant concessions to U.S. automakers, after a year of reportedly sending America $16 billion in cars, while only buying $1.5 billion of our cars in return.

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