Trump: Democrats 'Fought Every Single Inch of the Way' on DACA

The executive assistant to Ronald Reagan during his presidency compared the recent staff shake-ups in President Trump's White House to that of Reagan, saying that both were elected "to do things differently."

Peggy Grande served on Reagan's staff for 10 years, starting in 1989. She said on "Fox and Friends" that like Trump, just because Reagan "did things differently doesn't mean it was wrong."

Among the numerous staff changes in the Trump administration, the most recent have been tapping Larry Kudlow as head of the National Economic Council and choosing John Bolton as his new national security adviser.

Grande noted that some of Reagan's appointees in his second term in office were ones most-associated with the success of his presidency.

"Donald Trump has so many people against him. I think it's fair for him to surround himself with people in his little boat who are all rowing in the same direction," she said.

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