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Mark Steyn riffed on the alleged Stormy Daniels scandal surrounding President Donald Trump.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, alleges that she and Trump had extramarital sex in 2006 - one year after his marriage to Melania.

Clifford also said a man approached her in a Nevada parking lot and threatened her in regards to the alleged tryst.

Steyn said CNN's Anderson Cooper, who interviewed Daniels for CBS' "60 Minutes," asked the pornographic actress some "rather explicit" questions about the "mechanics" of the alleged affair.

Steyn said he got up from watching the interview to get a snack and came back to find out Cooper's package eventually transitioned into an expose as to why Daniels' allegations had put Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in jeopardy of committing campaign finance crimes.

"Is there anything in this country that can't be turned into a federal regulatory infraction?" he asked, after Cohen paid $130K in apparent hush money to Daniels.

"If Trump paid off a porn star for $130,000, that's the 'Art of the Deal'," Steyn joked. "I would've liked to have seen that Trump with Paul Ryan and [Mitch] McConnell last Friday."

Tucker Carlson said that apparently the best the president's opposition in the media can do is dredge up old sexual affair allegations against a man voters already knew had a checkered personal history.

He asked why no one is covering the thousands of opioid-related deaths or the fact the omnibus bill does little for national security.

But, he said jokingly, the press would likely be happy to report that "Chris Christie was spotted eating a Snickers bar" - a reference to the former New Jersey governor's portly frame.

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