'He Never Laid Out Principles': GOP Rep Says Trump Shares Blame for Repeal Failure

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A top Democratic senator criticized President Donald Trump's administration for what he called ongoing "chaos" - most recently in the form of another staff shakeup.

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner of Virginia - who is investigating alleged Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 election - praised a Republican congressman for his similarly sharp criticism of the president.

Pennsylvania Rep. Charlie Dent, a Bethlehem-area Republican who is retiring this year, said of the White House that "the spontaneity and lack of impulse control are areas of concern for lots of members on both sides of the aisle."

"Disorder, chaos, instability, uncertainty, intemperate statements are not conservative virtues in my opinion," Dent told the Associated Press.

NBC News anchor Chuck Todd asked Warner about the statements, and his own history of being critical of Trump.

"I think he's right," Warner said of Dent. "This chaos is not the way you run an organization."

Warner, who is rated the wealthiest U.S. senator, with an approximate net worth of $240 million as of 2014, said his history as a successful business executive gives him insight into how to run an organization.

Warner, who told Todd that Virginia was rated the "best-managed state" while he was governor prior to becoming a senator, said Trump "thrives on chaos."

"Maybe that's the way to run a reality TV show. That's not the way to run the greatest country in the world," Warner said.

Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke reported Sunday that, after replacing National Security Adviser Gen. H.R. McMaster with John Bolton, there had been another shake-up of sorts.

Husband-and-wife attorneys Joseph diGenova - a former District of Columbia U.S. attorney - and Victoria Toensing will not join the president's legal team over potential "conflicts," according to Trump attorney Jay Sekulow

Sekulow said in a statement Trump was "disappointed" that diGenova and Toensing won't be defending him in the special counsel investigation, but "those conflicts do not prevent them from assisting the President in other legal matters."Watch more above.

Watch more above.

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