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Florida shooting survivor David Hogg called on those in attendance at the "March for Our Lives" to vote out legislators supportive of the National Rifle Association.

"The cold grasp of corruption shackles the District of Columbia," the 17-year-old said on stage at the Washington rally.

Hogg urged marchers to show up in force in the 2018 elections to vote out lawmakers who hold opposing views on the Second Amendment.

Dressed in a gray suit with a orange price tag hanging from a buttonhole, Hogg said marchers must "make this the voting issue."

The price tag was intended to represent what Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) received from the NRA's legislative arm, divided by the number of students killed at his high school, Hogg said.

Hogg said that people will no longer stand for their vote being suppressed because they are too young.

He also made several remarks critical of the Fairfax, Va.-based gun rights group.

"When politicians say your voice doesn't matter because the NRA owns them, we say 'no more'," Hogg said.

He said that lawmakers who are in good standing with the organization and "allow the slaughter of children" should "get their resume ready."

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