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It’s time for Final Thoughts … on all this Facebook talk.

It's true, folks: Our privacy and data are compromised on the interwebs.

Yeah, not a shocker. In fact, I’m shocked some of you think we still have privacy online. Here’s a friendly reminder - we don’t.

This Cambridge Analytica data breach is partly Facebook’s fault. And I’m the last person to stick up for the teflon-coated hoodie that is Mark Zuckerberg.

But ... let’s be honest. We practically invite Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and the rest of ‘em into our personal and private lives - every time we log on.

Behold: the device that is practically an appendage at this point: The almighty smart phone.

George Orwell warned us almost 70 years ago, when he published "1984." But we didn’t listen. We probably never will. Big Brother doesn’t have to hack to get our fingerprints, passwords, or even retina scans. We do it for him - happily.

We can cry over this latest Facebook breach and demand more privacy. But come on - we’ve become too lazy, anti-human, and tech-addicted to truly care.

Think I’m kidding? What’s the first thing you do in a waiting room … a red light … any time you have a free moment? You check your phone. You check your likes, your views, your comments. You creep on your kids, your exes, people from high school.

Hey, I’m right there with ‘ya. And it’s sad.

No wonder the American family is breaking down. No wonder mentally unstable kids are falling through the cracks. It’s hard to notice the world in front of us when all we do is look down at a dang screen.

Did you know research shows young people spend about five hours a day looking at phones?

We drive with them, we sleep with them, we eat with them. We would probably shower with our phones if the water didn’t destroy them.

Heck, we even date with our phones. It’s gonna be interesting telling our grandkids we met their grandpa “in the DMs.”

You really wanna punish your kids? Give them an old school flip phone for a week. The fight for survival would look like a scene from "Hunger Games."

This isn’t just a millennial problem. Huh-uh. Everyone knows the 50-plus crowd has taken over Facebook. And they’ll do the same with Instagram.

The least of our worries should be data mining. We’ve lost real relationship and communication skills. Instead, we convey our emotions with crappy emojis and gifs.

So yeah, we'll call Zuckerberg and friends on the carpet for a day, or maybe a week. Then what? We'll log back on and watch our cat videos - just like before.

Look, social media isn't all bad. Heck, social media is what got me here. Perhaps we can find a happy medium? Maybe type a little less - and talk a little more?

We’ve started to love technology and use people - when it should be the other way around.

Those are My Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and Take Care.

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