Judge Nap: Rick Gates Is Likely Providing a 'Treasure Trove' of Info to Mueller

Attorney Jonathan Turley said Thursday he is concerned that the legal strategy of President Trump's lawyers will get more combative with Joe diGenova replacing John Dowd. 

Trump re-assembled his outside legal team this week, hiring husband and wife Joseph diGenova and Victoria Toensing to represent him alongside Jay Sekulow. 

On Thursday, the president’s lead outside counsel in the Russia probe, John Dowd, resigned after a disagreement on whether the president should agree to an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Asked by reporters Thursday about talking to Mueller, Trump said he "would like to."

Legal experts, including Judge Andrew Napolitano, have repeatedly cautioned Trump not to sit down for a direct interview with Mueller because of the likelihood of a false statement. 

Turley, a constitutional scholar, said Dowd also reportedly favored "great cooperation" with Mueller, while diGenova has expressed a "dim view" of the investigation and has also aggressively criticized the FBI. He said there is a "danger" for the president if diGenova undertakes a more aggressive approach with less cooperation.

"Mueller is not going to get spooked. You don't spook a guy with a desk full of criminal subpoenas," said Turley, adding Mueller will pursue the case "as aggressively" as Trump's lawyers.

Turley wrote in USA Today that Trump prefers a "scorched-earth" legal strategy, embodied by his former New York attorney Roy Cohn, who died in 1986.

"That is not what's called for here," he told Martha MacCallum.

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