'I've Given Amazing Leadership': Sheriff Defends Dept's Response to FL School Shooting

Florida Student: 'Just Disgusting' That Armed Deputy Didn't Enter School During Massacre

A Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior said Friday he believes he wasn't featured on a recent TIME Magazine cover with fellow activist classmates because he supports the Second Amendment.

Kyle Kashuv won't be attending a "March For Our Lives" rally in the nation's capital this weekend and will instead be meeting with legislators.

"In the March itself, the March's website, [it's] listed how they want to ban AR-15s and I don't agree with that," he said, citing a link to a petition to "ban the sale of assault weapons" used in recent mass shootings in America.

"It's clear that the people on the [TIME] cover are pushing for gun reform and they're pushing that they don't want to see weapons of war on the streets," Kashuv said.

The article stated that the students in Parkland, Florida "painted the NRA and their allies as the mortal enemies," something Kashuv doesn't agree with.

"There were so many levels [in which] the government failed: the police force failed, the FBI failed. And simply representing this as the NRA issue is so counter-productive because we could be doing real legislation to make sure this won't happen again," he said.

"Here we are pointing a finger at the NRA, which practically hasn't done anything," he added.

Kashuv was also asked what he thinks needs to be done to make schools safer, to which he answered that the issue is not about citizens possessing weapons.

"[The issue] is the agencies not referring [to] past convictions, not referring [to] dishonorable discharge or a mental health issue or a domestic assault charge," he said.

Watch the full segment from "Fox and Friends" above.

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