De Blasio's 2018 Salary Increase Amount Larger Than Annual Minimum Wage

Study: 95% of Lawmakers Who Support Minimum Wage Hike Don't Pay Their Interns

The deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee says he hopes to be a wage trailblazer and is calling for a "maximum wage" for CEOs.

Rep. Keith Ellison (Minn.) said on "Interviews for Resistance" that workplace leaders who make far more money than rank-and-file employees should be taxed more.

"Why do [CEOs] have to make more than 21 times your average worker? The CEO of McDonald's. You're telling me they can't make it on ... I don't know, if the workers are making $15 an hour ... Why can't the CEO make $300 an hour," Ellison asked.

Laura Ingraham questioned Ellison's proposal, saying, "I don't even think he understands what he's saying there."

She added, "We think there should be a maximum term in office for people with ideas as stupid as this one."

Ellison has come under renewed criticism in recent weeks over his past ties to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. 

Watch the segment above.

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