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Tucker Carlson delivered a powerful monologue explaining how the left is colluding with big tech and financial companies to roll back Americans' gun rights.

"The ideological gap between the leaders of America's most powerful corporations and, say, the Democratic Party is basically nonexistent. They agree on everything," Carlson said on his program Thursday night. "Now, having failed at the ballot box in 2016, the left is using other means to make the outcome of those elections irrelevant. Nowhere is this clearer than on the subject of the Second Amendment."

He noted that the page for gun deals has been removed from the popular website Reddit, and YouTube -- which is owned by Google -- has banned the posting of videos that link to gun sellers or that promote the purchase of guns or accessories.

He said the best example, however, is that Citigroup announced on Thursday that it will not do business with companies unless they comply with a set of restrictions on gun sales.

The bank will prohibit clients from selling guns to people under 21 years old, becoming the latest company to set a higher minimum age for rifle purchases. Business customers must also run background checks for all firearm sales and cease selling high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, Citigroup said.

Carlson pointed out that a little less than nine years ago, Citigroup received a massive bailout of billions of taxpayer dollars.

"Now they turn around and look to undermine the constitutional rights of the taxpayers who bailed them out," he said.

He argued that it's becoming increasingly common for more companies to get involved in more issues.

"The fear the government might remove your rights is becoming quaint. Big tech and big finance are doing it for them already. With no public debate, they just do it. And tough luck if you don't like it."

Watch the segment above.

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