Hannity: Where Was the Outrage After Obama Congratulated Putin in 2012?

John Brennan, the CIA director under President Barack Obama, made headlines Wednesday for suggesting the Russians have compromising information on President Trump.

In an MSNBC appearance, Brennan blasted Trump for not being tough enough on Russian leader Vladimir Putin, including congratulating Putin on his reelection. 

Brennan said Trump has a "fawning attitude toward Mr. Putin" and that may be because the Russians "have something on him."

Brennan also made headlines last weekend for excoriating Trump over the Justice Department's firing of former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe.

On "Ingraham Angle," Wall Street Journal reporter Kim Strassel argued such claims should not be thrown out by a former top intelligence official without providing evidence.

"There used to be a day when intelligence officials, whether they were in office or out of office, would not spew innuendo like that, especially such grave charges," she said.

Strassel said if actual evidence did exist about Trump being compromised in some way by Putin, Brennan should have said something when he was still in office.

"The media needs to look at John Brennan as what he is, which is apparently an Obama partisan player who has an interest in undermining the current presidency," she said. 

Brennan was later contacted by the New York Times about his comment, stating it was not based on inside information and he does not actually know if Russia possesses information about Trump with which they could "blackmail" him.

Watch the discussion above. 

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