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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Thursday that he will not support a Republican-proposed $1.3 trillion spending bill, and that it "may be the worst" he's seen in his time in Congress.

"It can't get any worse than this bill," he said. "We should stop, go back to the drawing board; if we have to do a short-term funding bill do that. But go back and do something consistent with what the voters elected us to do."

The bill was made public Wednesday and allocates $1.57 billion for barriers along the border, however, none of it would be for the new prototypes President Donald Trump recently reviewed in California.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday on "Fox and Friends" that the six-month bill funds about 100 miles of border wall protection, exceeding what was originally requested.

"Now we're taking [those] increased spending levels that were set a few weeks ago and we're funding things like Planned Parenthood, continuing to fund Obamacare, continuing to use money take away peoples' Second Amendment liberties without getting their day in court. That should never happen in this country," Jordan said.

He also added that President Trump is in support of the bill because "it's the only bill they put in front of him."

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