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Newly released video by MGM Resorts shows Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock at Mandalay Bay wheeling around luggage filled with weapons days before the Oct. 1, 2017 massacre, during which he killed 58 people.

Some of the videos show Paddock interacting with staff and having his luggage helped up to his room.

Fox News senior correspondent Adam Housley said that Paddock was known to the hotel's staff to stay in the resort's cabanas by the pool.

Hundreds of other civilians were injured in the attack on the Las Vegas strip.

In a statement regarding the release of the videos, MGM said, in part, "MGM and Mandalay Bay could not reasonably foresee that a long-time guest with no known history of threats or violence and behaving in a manner that appeared outwardly normal, would carry out such an inexplicably evil, violent and deadly act."

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