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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Thursday that President Trump needs to harden his stance against Russia like he is against North Korea in order to avoid interference with the midterm elections.

Graham said "the lack of consequences from what [Russia] did in 2016" is emboldening them to look for ways impact the November elections.

"If I were President Trump, I would call Putin up and say 'This will stop if you continue to interfere in our Democratic process, we're going to declare economic war on you, we're going to grind you into the ground economically and the cost of doing business in America is going to go up,'" he stated.

"If you don't talk to Putin that way, you're wasting your time."

During a joint press conference with the Swedish prime minister earlier this month, Trump stated that the U.S. should allow for additional paper balloting as a backup against cyber-interference.

"We'll counteract whatever they do," he said of any Russian meddling.

The Senate Intelligence Committee released proposals Wednesday to avoid interference or changes to voting totals, including implementing stronger channels of communication between federal, state and local election officials, as well as increasing cyber-security measures on election system.

It recommended using voting machines that do not have WiFi capabilities and would also leave a paper trail.

"Right now there [are] no federal standards when it comes to voting machines," Graham said. "The states are in charge of elections, that's fine. But I'd like somebody to build a voting machine that can't be hacked."

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