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Tucker Carlson debated a San Francisco Democrat over the merits of the Oakland mayor alerting illegal immigrants to a pending ICE raid.

Carlson said one of the men who escaped initial capture is accused of beating his wife in the interim before he was finally arrested. Another is a suspect in an assault.

"Two of these guys are wife beaters? What would you say to their wives?" Carlson asked Joe Alioto Veronese.

Veronese, a San Francisco district attorney candidate. said there is no evidence the suspects mentioned by Carlson were aware of Mayor Libby Schaaf's (D) alert.

"Is that the risk we're willing to take?" Carlson asked. "I thought we were on the side of women here - apparently not."

Veronese, however, agreed with Carlson that violent illegal immigrant felons should be arrested and deported.

He added that all suspects are entitled to due process.

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