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State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert confronted a reporter who asked whether she should apologize on behalf of the United States government for "dictating" and effecting regime change in places like Iraq.

The reporter mentioned how White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders previously said the U.S. "doesn't get to dictate how other countries operate" in response to a question about the legitimacy of Russian President Vladimir Putin's reelection, and how President Donald Trump congratulated Putin on the victory nonetheless.

The reporter asked whether effecting "regime change" in Iraq by deposing dictator Saddam Hussein could be construed as "dictating how other countries operate" - in the words of Sanders.

"Should the U.S. apologize for... meddling in elections in multiple countries?" the man asked, noting that 2018 is the 15th anniversary of the Iraq War.

An incredulous Nauert responded, "you're asking me about the entire history of the United States? Should we apologize for our government all around the world?"

Nauert said the U.S. does "far more good" than otherwise.

The reporter countered by telling Nauert that most Americans now oppose the Iraq War, and asked again whether the Trump administration should apologize for "things that were put out by the podium - people who are in this administration who fabricated information to start the Iraq War."

Nauert said the reporter was attempting to be "snarky" and judgmental through hindsight.

She said that she traveled to Iraq during Hussein's rule, and that nearly everyone she encountered mentioned having a family member or friend who was "killed in horrific fashion" by the regime. Hussein's now-deceased sons Uday and Qusay were said to often carry out grisly killings of Iraqis.

Nauert said that today, Iraq enjoys democratic elections and that the U.S. military only continues to operate in the country "at the invitation" of the administration of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.

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