Issa Rips Jerry Brown, Xavier Becerra: 'Making My State Less Safe' and Endangering Others

A Republican candidate for governor in California said Wednesday that the support of sanctuary cities by many politicians in the state is a “smokescreen” to cover up their inaction on illegal immigration.

John Cox said on “Fox and Friends First” that sanctuary city laws put both the public and law enforcement at risk, and that the idea is opposed by most law enforcement agencies in California.

“This is all being done by the politicians to cover up the mess and mismanagement they’ve made in California. That’s going to change when I’m the governor of this state,” Cox said.

“These are real lives we’re trying to protect here,” Cox said. “Anything we do to throw a roadblock in the way of police officers is negative, it’s horrendous for the safety of the people.”

The Southern California town of Los Alamitos voted Monday to reject the state’s sanctuary law. Warren Kusumoto, a councilman in the town, said his proposal to opt out had been met with overwhelming support.

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