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Tucker Carlson debated a Maryland professor who supports the upcoming weekend march on Washington in favor of gun control.

Carlson noted that none of the organizers of the expected-to-be thousands-strong march on Capitol Hill would debate him.

University of Maryland Professor Jason Nichols said he is in favor of both responsible gun ownership and gun control.

He mentioned the Las Vegas and Florida shootings and called for a ban on bump stocks and the raising of the gun purchasing age.

Carlson said the problem in Florida was that laws in place were not enforced, the suspect was allowed to purchase a gun despite his mental health issues, and the fact that several police officers did not act forcefully during the shooting.

Nichols responded by mentioning Tuesday's shooting in St. Mary's County, Md., where Austin Rollins shot two people before a school resource officer stopped him. Rollins died in the gunfire.

Nichols said Rollins was an honor student without a questionable background.

Carlson said "millions of students" in America meet that description and still own guns to hunt and defend themselves as adults do.

"Nobody on the left is saying a word about it," he said of the incident.

Carlson reiterated how authorities dropped the ball in Florida, yet activists want to blame the National Rifle Association.

"They're protecting the people who failed by not calling them out on their failures in favor of making statements about the NRA, which was not involved in any way in this massacre," he said. "What specific law are we calling for here?"

Carlson said he is "questioning the good faith" of the pro-gun-control activists in light of all of the other troubling aspects of the Florida incident.

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