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A Republican senator said Tuesday that the government not having a long-term budget is "embarrassing," as leaders on both sides of the aisle once again try to negotiate a spending bill to avoid a shutdown.

John Kennedy (R-La.) said that Democrats want to add what he considers to be many "extraneous issues" to the budget like the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and an internet tax.

"Everybody else in America has a budget except the entity that you think should take the lead, and that's the United States government," Kennedy said.

Trump ended the DACA program last September but a court decision has essentially left it in place for now.

Kennedy noted on "America's Newsroom" that some Republican leaders are also leaning on "extraneous" issues like the Affordable Care Act. He said some of his colleagues want to reinstate the subsidies to the health care legislation that President Donald Trump got rid of.

"The real issue in the budget is how can we properly fund the fence, how can we properly help our neighbors who are hurt by natural disasters, while at the same time not adding to the deficit. Some of my colleagues leave out the last part," he said.

Kennedy said it's "breathtaking" that it costs $1 million a minute in borrowed money to run the government, as the national debt just climbed above $21 trillion. Congress faces a Friday night deadline as they work on an agreement to fund the government for six months. 

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