Judge Nap: Firing of McCabe 'Could Very Well Be Interpreted as Obstruction of Justice'

Judge Nap: Mueller's Probe Is 'Gearing Up & the President Remains in His Crosshairs'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Tuesday that President Trump's attacks on Robert Mueller are a "bad strategy," and that Trump's Twitter comments on the special counsel are "drowning" more positive trends happening in the country.

"What the president ought to do is quit tweeting about Mueller," Gingrich said. "Every time the president tweets about Robert Mueller, he makes Mueller bigger and more important."

Gingrich said that the president's attacks on Mueller are doing him harm.

"We just saw two million people leave food stamps and go to work, we have the second-lowest black unemployment in American history. There are a lot of good things happening out there," Gingrich said.

On Sunday, Trump's lawyer insisted there were no plans to fire Mueller.

Gingrich also said that regarding a potential interview with Mueller, the president's attorney's should accept written questions from the special counsel and reply with written answers to avoid a comment being taken out of context or incriminating Trump.

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