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A father whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco said Monday the undocumented woman recently appointed to a government post in California "should be disbarred," and that the state's laws when it comes to illegal immigration are "irrelevant."

Lizbeth Mateo, 33, was appointed to a committee that advises the California Student Aid Commission, even though it is illegal to hire an undocumented immigrant.

"A few years ago, [Mateo] was probably in her late-20s, she left the country, went into Mexico, was part of a protest and came back," Don Rosenberg said. "As soon as she did that, she's now a criminal. She entered the country illegally so she's perjured herself when she took the oath of office."

Mateo is a Mexican-born attorney and immigrant rights activist who came to the United States with her parents at age 14. She graduated from the Santa Clara University School of Law in 2016 and passed the California state bar exam in 2017.

Rosenberg's son, Drew, was on his motorcycle in 2010 when a man from Honduras who was in the U.S. illegally struck and killed him, running over his body several times in an apparent attempt to flee the scene.

Illegal immigrants in California can practice law, get a driver's license, receive in-state tuition and receive some welfare benefits. The state will pay the person's legal fees if arrested.

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