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On "The Greg Gutfeld Show," Greg and the panel discussed how President Trump's style of governing is that of someone with long-term plans.

Gutfeld said the Democrats are, in turn, "half-a-planners," in that they do not usually follow through on their promises.

"If you look at what Trump's doing, all of these things are kind of long-term solutions to problems that we kind of live with," Gutfeld said.

He pointed to the proposed border wall with Mexico, North Korean uncertainty and terrorism in general.

"[Trump] is always thinking about the future," he said. "Which is why we are laughing at the wall."

Gutfeld said that, conversely, Democrats voice their support for future "plans" that are popular with the public, but fail to often follow through.

"Step one: 'I wish'. Step two: 'See step one'. Step three: 'Raise taxes'," Gutfeld said of the Democrat Party style.

Gutfeld said Trump sees that there should be a second half to every political plan.

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