Teacher Put on Paid Leave for Questioning Student Walkout: School 'Basically Targeted Me'

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A suburban Columbus high school student suspended for, in his words, failing to "make a political choice" in the classroom over gun control discussed the incident on "Cavuto Live."

Jacob Shoemaker told Dagen McDowell that he was suspended for one day after he remained in his classroom as students either joined the nationwide walk-outs in support of gun control, or congregated in an alternative study hall area.

Shoemaker said he chose to do neither because he saw that even joining the alternative study hall would essentially be seen as the opposing political decision to walking out.

He noted that administrators were amicable during the incident and "did what they had to do" since he disobeyed the directions.

"I didn't like that there was a choice," he said, noting that walking out would make him "pro-gun control" and that going to the alternative room could have him labeled "pro-gun-violence."

"Students should be able to make a choice and not be forced into a [political] situation," he said.

Officials from the Hilliard-Davidson High School said they are required to supervise students during the school day and not leave them unattended in classrooms.

The statement read by McDowell also said the school acted the same way they would if a student opted out of other programs or activities.

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