Gutfeld on Hillary's Speech in India: 'So Bitter You Could Make an Old-Fashioned With Her Tears'

A former top adviser to Hillary Clinton is offering a blueprint to Democrats for 2020 and warning the party not to discount President Trump's chances of winning another term.

Philippe Reines, who worked under the former secretary of state from 2002 through her 2016 campaign, emphasized that since Richard Nixon, five out of seven presidents have won a second term, including the last three.

"It is harder to win the office than to lose the office. You have built-in advantages," said Reines, who penned a Washington Post op-ed outlining his argument.

Reines said Trump now "knows he can win" and could be an even tougher candidate in 2020. He also said Democrats should stop apologizing for things that Trump would not apologize for. 

"Don't allow Donald Trump to shame you on things that he feels no shame," Reines, recalling Trump even getting into a spat with Pope Francis. 

Reines also argued to Democrats they should not "cede Fox News" and should make sure to have surrogates and candidates go on the air to offer their arguments to voters. 

"I think it's a mistake to give up an entire network," he said. 

Reines said despite some of the comments by Clinton since the election, she is still beloved by millions of voters and her endorsement is valuable. 

"The notion that she lost to Donald Trump, therefore she is an idiot, terrible, evil is an oversimplification," he said, emphasizing that it will be a "tall order" to defeat Trump. 

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