Turley: Strange That McCabe Is 'Worried More About Pensions Than Prison'

Top Clinton Adviser Warns Dems: Stop Dismissing Chance of 2nd Trump Term

On "Your World" on Friday, Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) said the NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament may be underway, but the real "March Madness" would be if top FBI official Andrew McCabe is not fired.

The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility on Wednesday made the recommendation to terminate McCabe. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is reviewing that recommendation and if he approves it before McCabe’s pension kicks in at 12:01 a.m. ET on Sunday, McCabe would not receive his pension benefits.

McCabe could be fired for allegedly helping leak information on the 2016 Clinton Foundation probe and not being forthcoming about the FBI's Hillary Clinton email investigation.

West, a former Republican congressman, said that if McCabe is not held accountable for his actions, it will prove that Washington, D.C., really is "the city with no consequences."

"If this is allowed to happen once again, we will send a message to everyday Americans that there is something about Washington, D.C., where you can mislead, you can lie, you can deceive, you cannot be forthcoming with the truth and you still get to skate away," West said, pointing out that's what happened with former IRS employee Lois Lerner.

He said there's no reason why American taxpayers should pay McCabe for the rest of his life after he failed to serve with honor until his time at the FBI concluded.

He said Sessions should have made this decision long ago, so it did not come down to the last minute.

"Why do we have to have this drama? I know it's March Madness. I'd rather see the drama played out on the basketball court," West said. "But it would be madness if we allowed Andrew McCabe to retire with a full pension from the American taxpayers."

Watch more above, and see why Jonathan Turley thinks it's strange that McCabe is "worried more about pensions than prison."

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