'That's Not Helpful': Ohio Democrat Takes on Hillary for Criticizing Trump Voters

'He Has an Affinity for Dictators': Clinton Rips Trump, Says 'Pressures' Caused White Women to Vote for Him

Kellyanne Conway called out Hillary Clinton Thursday for claiming Trump voters were looking "backwards" in 2016 and blamed pressure from men for why white women voted for the president.

Conway called out the former secretary of state on "Fox and Friends," asking her to "stop pretending you're a feminist, you’re for equality, you’re for fairness to women, and then running around accusing us of checking with our husbands and our significant others before we vote."

Many - including Democrats up for re-election in tough states - have been critical of Clinton's comments made at the India Today Conclave. 

"She basically is, again, insulting half of the country," Conway said, adding it's a "joke" for Clinton to claim that women vote based on their husbands' views. 

"This country knows who you are because of who you married," said Conway, addressing the former first lady. 

Conway said Democrats might want Clinton to stop, but Republicans are hoping she keeps talking about her loss and the president's supporters.

Watch the full interview above.

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