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President Trump met with workers Wednesday in St. Louis who said they're benefiting from the Republicans' tax cuts.

During the president's visit to Boeing Co. for a business roundtable, Hazel Jean Mims said she wanted Trump to understand how the legislation impacts everyday Americans.

"The tax cut actually impacts our lives," said Mims, who explained to the president that the extra cash will go into her daughter's college fund. 

In an emotional moment, a cafeteria worker wept as she thanked Trump for the tax cut savings that she used toward her retirement. 

Mims, who served in the Army Reserves to pay for her own education, said on "Fox & Friends" that she's seen a spike in her take-home pay after the tax reform legislation went into effect. 

She said serving in the military was "the best decision of my life" and propelled her in her career.

Boeing announced in February that it would use savings from the tax cut to increase its gift match program and to increase assistance to veterans in the organization.  

"On day one of tax reform, we announced an investment of $300 million back into our people," CEO Dennis Muilenburg said.

Trump called out Boeing in Dec. 2016, threatening to cancel an order for a new Air Force One if the price did not come down. While Boeing kept the contract, the White House touted $1,4 billion in savings last month.

At the event on Wednesday, Trump touted his administration's work to lower taxes and roll back regulations in order to boost the economy and job creation. 

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