Hillary Clinton Has Dozens of Excuses for Why She Lost... and the List Keeps Growing

RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said Wednesday that Democrat Conor Lamb ran "as a Republican" in Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district and that's why he outperformed Hillary Clinton by such a wide margin. 

As of Wednesday morning, Lamb holds a razor-thin lead over Republican Rick Saccone and the ultimate result in the U.S. House special election could be decided by a recount. Either way, Democrats are declaring victory since President Trump won the same district by 20 points over Clinton.

Lamb, who distanced himself from Nancy Pelosi and expressed support for gun rights, disputed the idea that Trump had any effect on the race, casting the race as a local matter.

"He was a Republican in name, but I can promise you he will vote like a Democrat in Congress," said McEnany, highlighting Lamb's strong support from unions.

McEnany emphasized that Lamb did not face a primary challenger and was appointed by local party officials. She said if Lamb faced a primary, he would have lost to a more liberal Democrat, since moderates are being rejected by the party's voters. 

"He adopted pro-Trump talking points and that could prevail across the nation. The point is, the Conor Lambs of the world are a dying breed, if not extinct," she said, arguing that Democratic candidates are closer to Bernie Sanders, than Lamb.

McEnany said Trump was "the closer" in the race, helping Saccone in the final days with his rally last weekend. 

Watch the discussion above. 

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