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It's time for Final Thoughts.

We're 14 months into Donald Trump's presidency. Enough time, you'd think, for whiny leftists to accept it. But as we know - logic, reason, and a grasp on reality aren't what they're known for.

On Thursday, this guy, Tom Steyer, plans to host the first of 30 "Impeach Trump" town halls. This delusional billionaire activist, has helped pump … wait for it  ... $20 million into his campaign to unseat our president.

He calls his group "Need to Impeach." But it should be more like "Need a Clue? ... Need a Hobby? ... Need a Life? How 'bout all three?!

Have you been paying attention, Tom?

Like it or not, President Trump has done some outstanding things for the people of this country. Let me help you and your delusional band of impeachment-hungry fools understand.

Let's start with the economy.

Trump pushed through a tax cut for 80 percent of American taxpayers. And what do the Democrats want to do?  RAISE taxes. American paychecks are getting bigger under Trump, and they want to "fix" that? 


The economy has added more than two million new jobs. The black unemployment rate is at just 6.9 percent - the second-lowest ever recorded. Oh, and the Hispanic unemployment rate was at 4.9 percent last month - just a tenth of a percentage point above the historic low.

And here's the thing about new jobs, low unemployment, and economic growth: They help ALL Americans - black, white, brown, left, right and center. Is that the kind of accomplishment you want to impeach?

President Trump is also dedicated to protecting our homeland. The number of people caught trying to sneak across the Mexican border has plunged to a 46-year low. And the percentage of illegal immigrants arrested for criminal activity across the country is up 92 percent.

How about ISIS? Remember them? Well, under this commander-in-chief, they've been decimated, and control little territory in the Middle East.

And despite the hysteria over Trump's tweets - and his, quote - "tone," North Korean Rocketman Kim Jong Un has decided to come to the table.

Is it historic? Yes. Is it impeachable? No.

Trump's done all this, and more, with virtually no help from Democrats. 

And you want to impeach him? For what? Keeping his promises?

Your little activist groups are shelling out millions to stop a president who is winning. And you can't even give us one solid and honest reason why.

Have you instead thought of donating your millions to causes you say you believe in, instead of wasting it on a campaign to destroy a president you are simply jealous of?

It's very obvious you're not afraid Trump is a bad president. You're afraid because he's too good.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and Take Care.

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