'He Has an Affinity for Dictators': Clinton Rips Trump, Says 'Pressures' Caused White Women to Vote for Him

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Greg Gutfeld said Hillary Clinton's lengthy Q&A in India showed she remains embittered over losing the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump.

Gutfeld noted how Clinton pointed out all of the parts of America she won, "like a quarterback who just lost a Super Bowl pointing out he threw no interceptions."

Clinton also said the places she lost were looking "backward" through Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan - invoking opposition to women's suffrage and the historical mistreatment of blacks.

Gutfeld pointed out Clinton also made reference to white women voting for Trump because their husbands or other people told them to.

"How profoundly sexist is that?" he asked.

Gutfeld said Clinton still lives in a world where "you don't see actual people, just the group they belong to."

"[She's] so bitter, you could make an Old-Fashioned out of her tears," he remarked, referring to the popular cocktail of whisky, sugar, citrus and bitters.

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