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Rep. Peter King said Monday that the widening of the probe into the anti-Trump dossier is aimed at finding out when top Obama administration officials - including the former president - became aware of the information.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) sent out a questionnaire regarding the documents to a former staffer for Vice President Joe Biden whose husband works for the firm behind the dossier.

"We want to know how many people actually saw this, how many people had access to it, how much reliance was put on it, when was it shown to President Obama," King (R-N.Y.) said on "America's Newsroom."

A critical question being asked in Nunes' questionnaire is at what point the officials were made aware of the dossier.

"Who they transmitted it to, who else they knew in the administration had it and what was done with it and was that even leaked to the media," King said.

King said he believes the widening of the probe goes beyond a so-called scandal, and will focus on whether the "salacious [and] unverified" dossier was used illegally or improperly.

He added that there "has not been much cooperation at all" from the Justice Department and FBI with the committee's investigation. 

Watch the interview above.

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