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Tucker Carlson and author Mark Steyn discussed Congress' new report declaring that there is no evidence of Republican or Democratic collusion with the Russians during the 2016 elections.

Carlson and House Intelligence Committee Member Mike Conaway (R-Texas) discussed the declaration, with the lawmaker adding that his committee spoke with 73 witnesses and pored over 300,000 pages of documents.

Conaway said there were some meetings between Americans and Russian citizens that were "ill-advised" but that none rose to the level of collusion or worse.

Carlson joked that such an announcement will "end MSNBC's primetime schedule" as we know it because it is "predicated on [the existence of] collusion."

"They'll just carry on as usual," Steyn said. "They happen to agree with Putin on this."

Steyn said the Russian leader tried to "sow confusion" in America, and succeeded.

"The Democrats and the media have run around like headless chickens," he said.

Steyn added that when it comes to illegal immigration, it is ironic that the same party that says "a Venezuelan or a Columbian can vote, why the hell can't a Russian interfere in the election too."

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