Trump Seeks to Ramp Up Border Patrol Force by 5,000 Agents in 2018

What Do Californians Think About Sanctuary Policies? Tomi Finds Out

President Donald Trump will travel to San Diego on Tuesday to inspect the eight border wall prototypes that have been built.

The visit comes amid the Trump administration's legal battle with California over the state's sanctuary policies, which shield illegal immigrants from deportation.

The Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against the state, claiming three recently passed state laws are deliberately interfering with federal immigration enforcement.

Trump has also engaged in a war of words with California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, who he dubbed "a low I.Q. individual."

"It's like he's going to another country," conservative commentator Charlie Kirk said on "Varney & Co." on Monday.

KIrk pointed out that many of the lawsuits against Trump have originated in California, the state is intentionally harboring illegal immigrant criminals and the mayor of Oakland even issued a public warning about impending Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids.

"I'm glad the president's going to the belly of the beast," he said. "They're still part of the country."

Stuart Varney noted that there are expected to be multiple protests during Trump's visit, including one scheduled for Tuesday evening in the affluent Los Angeles suburb Beverly Hills.

"That sounds just about right," Kirk said. "They hate walls, but they all live in their mansions with high walls. They hate armed guards, but they walk around with people with guns. They hate school choice, but they send their kids to private schools."

Watch more from Kirk above.

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