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Mike Huckabee said Sunday on "Fox & Friends" that President Trump's personal brash and unpredictable style is part of the reason he has been successful in some important venues.

Regarding North Korea and getting the country's dictator Kim Jong Un to come to the negotiating table later this year, Huckabee said he is acting like a professional boxer, forcing his opponents to consider his next moves.

"He constantly is keeping everyone else on the stage off guard, off center, rocking on their heels. That's part of the strategy," Huckabee said.

Huckabee said that, when it comes to Kim, Trump is being disruptive by criticizing Pyongyang's government and nuclear priorities - possibly a risky move on Trump's part - while keeping the regime unsure of his next move.

"He's not a rope-a-dope guy [who] does the Muhammad Ali getting over on the ropes. He’s a Joe Frazier. "Smokin' Joe," [he] goes to the center of the ring, throws punches, and doesn't quit throwing punches. That's his style," Huckabee said of Trump.

"The people [Trump is] pegging, like little Kim, have no idea what he's really going to do, and it's forced little Kim to come to the table," he said.

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