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In her Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro said President Trump's "genius" and his administration's "crippling sanctions" led North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to consider negotiating with the United States.

Pirro said Kim sees Trump as a tougher American president than President Obama.

"Kim Jong Un knows full well that he [will come] to discuss full-blown denuclearization... and he also knows he is not dealing with a Barack Obama, who buckles to dictators," Pirro said.

She criticized Obama's dealing with the Iranian regime, saying that he "caved" to their demands by sending them $150 billion as part of the Iran nuclear deal.

"It was Trump's genius and crippling economic sanctions that brought this dictator to his knees," Pirro said of Kim.

At a rally in Moon, Pa., President Trump said he hopes to make the "greatest deal for the world" at the planned meeting.

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