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The panel on "The Greg Gutfeld Show" reacted to the prevalence of protests against free speech on campus.

At Lewis & Clark College in Oregon, students shouted down conservative philosopher Christina Hoff Sommers who was speaking at the college's law school.

The protesters held banners inside a classroom and chanted that there is "no platform for fascists" and "which side are you on?"

In March 2017, violence erupted when author Charles Murray appeared at Middlebury College in Vermont.

Recently, the college newspaper's editor had to apologize for and explain why they placed Murray's picture on the front page.

"I'm disgusted by a lot of things in our world today," Dr. Drew Pinsky told the panel.

Pinsky said that free speech should be protected even if a group disagrees with what is said.

He said America has taken a "narcissistic turn" and that some people now "get hurt to their core" and "feel so tiny."

Pinsky said he finds himself in the "radical middle" and still open to hearing opposing views.

Panelists Lauren Sivan, Katherine Timpf and Tyrus also reacted to the news.

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