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Tucker Carlson asked Thursday whether Democrats can retake control of Congress given their "radical and crazy" positions on illegal immigration.

He said Democrats are very likely to win seats in the November midterms, but might fall short of controlling the House and Senate because their "anti-border" views do not have popular support. 

Carlson said President Trump won in 2016 because voters largely rejected U.S. immigration policy and Democrats and Republicans were ignoring their concerns. 

He pointed back to 1995 when President Bill Clinton warned of illegal immigration being a danger to the middle class in his State of the Union address, vowing to crack down on the "abuse of our immigration laws."

"Try saying that now at a Democratic fundraising dinner. You'd be dragged off the stage and charged with bigotry," he said, arguing Democrats have gone "completely off the deep end," even trying to shut down the government in support of illegal immigrants. 

Carlson said Democrats are making "rational conversation ... impossible by framing the entire issue as a battle in some kind of larger race war."

"Democrats aren't simply the pro-immigration party, they're now the anti-border party, opposed to citizenship itself. They don't want the border secured. They oppose the deportation of anyone, under any circumstances, even after criminal offenses," he said.

Carlson said Democrats seem to want to make America more like California, which was recently rated as having the lowest quality of life of any U.S. state. The nation's most populous state is locked in a legal battle with the Trump administration over its sanctuary policies, as local authorities refuse to cooperate with federal immigration agents.

Watch the monologue above and his discussion with ICE Director Tom Homan below.

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