Gutfeld on CA Ranking Last in Quality of Life: Maybe Those Leaving 'Are the Real Dreamers'

Tomi Lahren on CA Sanctuary 'Lunacy': Dems' Agenda Is 'Coddling' Illegal Immigrants

In the wake of the Trump Justice Department suing the state of California for its failure to comply with federal immigration laws, Tomi Lahren hit the streets of Los Angeles to find out what California residents think about their state's sanctuary policies.

Several people were reluctant to weigh in on the debate, with one woman asking, "How long do we have to unpack?"


Another woman said she's "proud" of California's immigration policies...


... While another resident said Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is a "criminal" for ignoring federal immigration law.


One gentleman, on the other hand, was not familiar with the term "sanctuary state."


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