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UPDATE: Three women who dedicated their lives to treating military veterans troubled by post-traumatic stress were fatally shot Friday by a man who was said to have been kicked out of the treatment program for which the women worked. The gunman later killed himself, authorities said.

Fox News contributor and former homicide detective Ted Williams joined Trish Regan on "Your World" on Friday to react to an "active shooter situation" at a California veterans home, and what steps can be taken to harden soft targets.

According to officials, an armed man in body armor took three hostages at Veterans Home of California in Yountville, which is considered the largest veterans home in the U.S. with more than 1,000 veterans from all wars dating back to World War II.

Williams said there are many facilities like this throughout the country, so it's difficult to "harden" and protect all of them.

"When you look at a veterans home, it's a very soft target," Williams said. "Although ... we've had quite a bit of violence at many veterans homes around the country, you don't expect someone to be dressed in dark clothes and possibly wearing armor."

"It's almost mind-boggling that we have all these soft targets still," Regan said, acknowledging that the U.S. is a massive country and Americans enjoy their freedoms, so hardening soft targets nationwide would be a massive undertaking.

"But do we need to start thinking strategically about how to keep these soft targets no longer soft?" she asked.

"We really do," Williams said, explaining that we must think outside the box to account for threats posed by domestic and international terrorists.

He suggested that President Donald Trump could create a task force to examine the issue, in order to better keep Americans safe.

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