Trump's 'Madman Approach' to North Korea Gets Credit From Mainstream Media

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Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) joined Trish Regan on "Your World" on Friday to react to the news that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un extended an invitation to meet with President Trump, which has been accepted.

The historic meeting will take place by May, and Kim has claimed to be "committed to denuclearization," according to South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eui-yong.

"He (Kim) pledged that North Korea will refrain from any further nuclear missile tests," Chung said, adding that Trump's "leadership" and "maximum pressure" brought us to this juncture.

"We're in this position because President Trump rightfully abandoned strategic patience, the failed doctrine of the previous administration, and has moved toward a doctrine of maximum pressure," Gardner said. "That pressure -- Kim Jong Un is feeling it very much -- is why we're having an opportunity to talk today."

He explained that Trump has put economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime, in addition to "publicly shaming" Kim by calling out his transgressions and dubbing him "Little Rocket Man."

"We've taken a number of steps that have made it very clear that we're not going to be satisfied by just letting him to continue to hold the world hostage to his nuclear program," Gardner said, adding that Trump must continue to work with regional allies like South Korea and Japan to ensure North Korea is denuclearized.

"But I commend the president for maximum pressure, for the work that's gotten us this far."

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