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Mark Levin sat down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation that will air on "Life, Liberty and Levin" on Sunday, March 11th, at 10:00pm ET on Fox News Channel.

The two discussed the relationship between the United States and Israel, President Trump decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and much more.

In a preview clip, Levin asked Netanyahu to name the three greatest threats to Israel, to which the prime minister replied, "Iran, Iran, Iran."

"Iran is trying to build an empire. An aggressive empire," Netanyahu warned.

He argued that the controversial Obama-era nuclear deal has emboldened the Iranian regime to fund aggression and terrorism worldwide.

"Everybody said after the nuclear deal that Iran coming out of the gate would be a more moderate, more peaceful country. The exact opposite has happened," Netanyahu said. "They use the relief of sanctions to get billions and billions of dollars, which they use to fund this aggressive empire, to fund terrorism worldwide, to fund aggression. And I think it’s important to prevent them from continuing these malevolent acts."

Don't miss the must-see interview this Sunday! It's part of a powerful Sunday night lineup, starting with the special "Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey" at 8:00pm ET, followed by "The Next Revolution" at 9:00pm ET and then "Life, Liberty and Levin" at 10:00pm ET.

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