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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) had a word of warning for North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ahead of a planned face-to-face meeting with President Trump. 

"The worst possible thing you can do is meet with President Trump in person and try to play him. If you do that, it will be the end of you — and your regime," Graham said in a statement after an announcement Thursday night that Trump accepted an invitation from Kim to meet by May. 

Following the dramatic announcement outside the White House, President Trump tweeted that the hermit leader "talked about denuclearization" with South Korean officials.

Experts have warned this week that Kim is looking to buy time with a new round of talks so that Pyongyang can complete its work on a long-range nuclear missile.

On "America's Newsroom" Friday, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) emphasized that Kim may be "luring" the United States into negotiations, where he will make demands that the Trump administration would never agree to.

He said Kim might then argue that the U.S. is being unreasonable in an effort to convince the international community not to support sanctions or American military action.

"Time will tell. I hope I'm wrong. We all want peace ... but we shall see," said Rubio, who noted that Trump was elected by the American people "because of his willingness to do things that other politicians and presidents haven't done."

Rubio said he does not believe it is realistic to think Kim will agree to give up his nuclear weapons program, since Kim fears what will happen to him if he does not possess nuclear arms as a deterrent.

Watch the Rubio interview above.

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