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Former White House adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on "Fox & Friends" to react to an ISIS-inspired teenager's plot to bomb his Utah high school.

Police said the student -- who was arrested and charged with manufacturing and possessing a weapon of mass destruction -- also hoisted an ISIS flag at Pine View High School last month and spray painted "ISIS is coming" at another school.

"Based on our investigation, we can confirm this was a failed attempt to detonate a homemade explosive," St. George police said in a statement. "It was also determined that the male had been researching information and expressing interest in ISIS and promoting the organization."

Gorka noted that the teen likely got instructions on how to make an improvised explosive device on the internet, wondering why tech companies have cracked down on conservatives, while publications and accounts linked to terror groups are still available.

"Al Qaeda’s publications like 'Inspire,' the publications of ISIS as well, they’re all out there still on the internet. They have detailed instructions," Gorka said, noting that's how the Boston Marathon bombers made their pressure cooker bombs.

Gorka said "it’s very disturbing" to see videos by conservative PragerU pulled from YouTube, along with the "demonetization" of other right-wing videos. 

"Well, how about spending some time censoring jihadis online if you’re a big social media company as opposed to targeting conservatives? That would be a real re-prioritization that could save lives."

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