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National Rifle Association national spokesperson Dana Loesch blasted Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy Thursday after he claimed that the NRA has become a "terrorist organization."

Malloy, a Democrat who declined to make a run at a third term this year, made the remarks on Monday, accusing the NRA of blocking commonsense gun control measures.

"They have in essence become a terrorist organization," he said.

Loesch scoffed at the extreme comment, arguing Malloy is trying to "shame" Americans who exercise their Second Amendment right.

"I cannot take their claims of good faith genuinely or seriously at all when they decide to insult and smear millions of law-abiding Americans," she said on "Fox & Friends."

She pointed out that she and millions of other Americans legally own a gun in order to protect their family.

"In my mind, I’m like 7-foot tall, 400 pounds. But in reality, I’m 5-6, and I weigh a buck-25. I want to defend my family. I'm not going to be shamed for it by the Connecticut governor or anyone else that wants to smear me or anyone as a terrorist because we disagree with him and we have a different way of protecting our families," said Loesch.

In response to Malloy's call for the NRA to support "universal background checks," Loesch said the first step is states fully and accurately reporting criminal convictions into the NICS system.

"We all need to come together to make sure that system works," she said.

Watch the interview above.

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