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In his opening monologue on Tuesday, Sean Hannity reacted to fired Trump aide Sam Nunberg's bizarre television interviews, arguing they show just how "despicably low" the mainstream media will go to damage President Trump.

Nunberg, who was fired by the Trump campaign in 2015, made numerous appearances on Monday on both CNN and MSNBC in which he appeared to be intoxicated, criticized the Trump administration and stated that he wouldn’t cooperate with a subpoena sent by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office -- a claim Nunberg later walked back.

On live television, CNN’s Erin Burnett told viewers that she smelled alcohol on Nunberg’s breath, and some have speculated that he was drinking or on drugs during the media appearances.

"If she smelled alcohol on Nunberg's breath, maybe she shouldn't have put him on the air," Hannity said. "But that wasn't the point of what the media was doing yesterday."

He said the point was to use a man who was clearly "melting down" to attack the Trump administration.

"It didn't matter if Nunberg wasn't making any sense, that he was contradicting himself or perhaps intoxicated, because the media saw this as an opportunity to attack the president. And they seized on it just like they always do," Hannity said.

He said that while the mainstream media was obsessing over Nunberg's "freakout," they ignored other stories they should have been covering, including new evidence of the "real Russia collusion" during the 2016 Election.

Watch Hannity's full monologue below.

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