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Two patriotic teenagers are receiving praise after replacing a family's tattered American flag in Moses Lake, Washington.

Local resident Junior Villarreal took to Facebook on Sunday to see if anyone could help him identify a young man who his security camera captured placing a garbage bag containing an American flag on his porch.

Villarreal explained that he had just bought the house and the flag flying on a pole in his front yard was old and torn up. He was planning on replacing the flag when the weather got better, and he realized that a stranger had provided a replacement.

"I just wanted to thank him and tell him I appreciate what he did. That was so generous of him," Villarreal wrote.

He eventually discovered the identity of the young man in the footage: 18-year-old David Phillips, of Moses Lake.

He got in touch with him on Facebook, thanked him and asked if he could pay him for the flag, but he was told that no repayment was needed.

iFiber One News reached out to David's mother, Simone Phillips, who shared the story behind the unexpected gift.

She explained that they are a military family, so after David and her 16-year-old son Luke drove by and noticed the condition of the flag, they discussed getting a new one for the home’s owner.

After some debate, Luke pulled his flag off his bedroom wall and offered it up. On Saturday afternoon, David hung a garbage bag with the flag in it on Villarreal's front door.

Phillips had a simple explanation for her sons' patriotic act: “It was out of respect for the flag.”

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