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Former New York state principal John Sawchuk recalled the day he stopped a shooting at his upstate high school.

Sawchuk said that he was an assistant principal at Columbia High School in Rensselaer County, near Albany, when he heard "an explosion" in the hallway.

He said he was observing a teacher's lesson when the students looked at him and he said he would investigate.

"The shooter had shot at a student [who] went down a hallway but didn't run past me," he said, adding that he had no idea at the time what the noise was.

As he and another teacher scouted out for the source of the noise, he said he encountered student Jon Romano with the boy's back to the men.

Romano, currently serving time at a Coxsackie, N.Y. prison, was aiming a shotgun toward a group of students in a classroom.

Sawchuk said he began grappling with Romano when a shot rang out, hitting the other teacher in the leg.

"It was just terrifying," he said.

Sawchuk said that, in response to the recent shooting in Florida, America must finally say "enough is enough."

Martha MacCallum noted that Romano, who the Albany Times-Union said is eligible for parole in 2021, recently wrote Sawchuk a letter calling him a hero to the school and to himself.

Romano said that Sawchuk may too have saved his life that day.

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