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Former Vice President Joe Biden criticized the Democratic Party Tuesday at a speech to union workers in Pennsylvania.

Speaking before a rally for House special election candidate Conor Lamb, Biden called on the party to find a message for blue-collar workers, which President Trump did successfully in 2016.

Biden remembered his father telling him that a job - in addition to a paycheck - provided a person with "dignity" and "respect" within the community.

"Some people in my party don't even get it anymore. ... It's about who the hell we are and what we've done and it makes me angry," he said.

Responding on "Fox & Friends," Tomi Lahren applauded the message from the potential 2020 presidential contender, saying Biden could be the "only threat" to defeat Trump if he carries this type of message to voters.

"I don't even care that he's a Democrat. I like his message," she said.

Lahren, however, said most Democrats do not follow Biden's lead and instead choose to focus on illegal immigrants.

Watch the segment above.

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